Educational policy / characteristics

Takarajima kindergarten has an original curriculum focusing on "play".
It is a kindergarten aiming to fully utilize the personality of each person and to fully develop their qualities.

As if as a country of dreams and adventure.
Fantasy is a child's food of mind. We wish to value fantasies in the minds of children. Our wishes are put in the name of "Takarajima" and in a unique garden building. Circular school building, classroom connected side by side radically, high bright colonnade, double spiral slope, secret passage, attic, wooden hut, wooden huge playground equipment..... As the name implies, the school building and the whole garden are one of the "dream and adventure" world. It invites children to the world of fantasy. This is the country of adventure of children's admiration "Neverland".
(The name "Takarajima" of Takarajima kindergarten comes from Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson's book published by Britain in 1883, a marine adventure novel "Treasure Island” for children.)

In the past, children of different grade and age were playing together in a vacant lot or park nearby. An older child watched the younger child and taught play. The younger child saw the older child, imitated, and learned. In this kind of play group with different ages, each person forms self, learns the relationship, and learns basic social nature. For children, communication in a different age group is a natural state. At Takarajima kindergarten, children of different grade children learn together with the same curriculum based on three different age classes every week.

Humans can not live away from nature. Nature raises the children's mind richly, nurtures intelligence and sensibility healthily. At Takarajima kindergarten children will be given a sense of symbiosis "living with nature". I am doing outdoor activities out of the park eight times a year, hoping that children will grow to rich human beings. Swimming in the neighboring seas, playing on the sandy beach, touching flowers and insects and birds by hill climbing excursion, outdoor walking experience walking 15 km long distance with your own feet, wildlife tours in zoos and aquariums, We try to make children involve nature closely.

Faculty and staff prepare various curriculums every Friday and children can choose their favorite curriculum. Children himself announces the curriculum and invites participation. Children are looking forward to this special day once a week. In the afternoon, as a result of one week of kindergarten, "Clean Day" will be held for all of us to clean kindergarten. Children learn how to organize and how to clean them, Children will experience the pleasantness of cleaning around themselves, and will acquire public mind and norm consciousness.

Takarajima Kindergarten is doing a number of special and unique curriculums that can not be experienced at other kindergartens. "Creation class" extends children's free creativity. "Rythmique class" moves the body according to music and rhythm, harmonizes the spirit and body, nurtures concentration and creativity. In order to cultivate the international sense of children, Takarajima Kindergarten interacts with the children of the Yokohama International School three times a year. There are many programs that can tackle children's freedom of thought by respecting the autonomy of children, including a curriculum that creates challenges together with parents and a curriculum of "Play day" that plays by moving the body Yes.