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* It becomes advance application system.
It is not possible to participate on the day without application.
(Rhythmic, sports tournaments can participate even on that day.)
* Please bring your room shoes.
Also, please prepare your children's clothing change if necessary.
* Please refrain from bringing in foods and sweets.
Please bring drinks as needed.
* There is no parking lot so please refrain from visiting by car.
* After you arrive at the kindergarten, please join us after completing reception at the office.
If you wish to only visit without participating please contact us in advance.
* Please take care of your child 's safety control.

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October 2: Sports event: It is a great athletic meet once a year. All kindergarten children will join.
November 5: Autumn Festival: Fun autumn culture festival where stalls, bazaars, parent-child production, and teacher's music band performances are held.
February 11: Takarajima Exhibition: Various works created by children of Takarajima kindergarten are displayed.

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It is one of the most important curriculums of early childhood education that children think by themselves and draw various paintings and make something with clay or paper. In the Creation class, I will cultivate "observational ability" by experiencing color, shape, sound, feel and smell etc through the five senses, so that children's free creativity can be expanded. We will cultivate 'expressive power' which shapes children's inner feelings, feelings, ideas, etc. by various means.The school building of Takarajima kindergarten is designed with the environment in mind such as cultivating the spirit and imagination richness by incorporating aesthetic sense and art into the building itself and space.

"Rythmique" is a rhythmic method which was invented by Swiss composer Darque Rose in about 1905. It is a kind of music education by expression of rhythm and sound. In accordance with music, by learning the rhythm with the body, we will foster harmony between mind and body, spontaneity and reflexibility, concentration, memory and creativity. In Takarajima kindergarten, I will cultivate "the ability to think and think by my own head" with a style curriculum that makes children feel "fun!" and, with an emphasis on the individuality of children, we are teaching to acquire expression power, autonomy and cooperativeness.

It is a recreation where all the children cooperate, traveling around playground equipment and classrooms in the garden, exploring Takarajima kindergarten every corner while looking for various "treasures" hidden in the kindergarten. It is a program that embodies "Isle of Dreams and Adventure, Treasure Island".
"Expedition" using the whole school building dynamically is also very popular with kindergarten. Insight to think where treasures are, tremendous abilities to act and judge for reaching treasures, teamwork that cooperates with members by hand, and so on, you can learn while enjoying playfully.

Children and guardians will join together and will play on Treasure Island all day. Each classroom has many attractive and unique programs to enjoy with parents and children. In the hall, parent and child exercises parent and child exercises to move the bod together. In kindergartens, children are usually spending only with children, but by participating in a curriculum with mothers and fathers, you can see the child's relationships and communication skills on the spot. Children will introduce their parents to their classmates and, through play, check their own position in the circle of greater human relations. Play day is the first step to experience a real "society".

Once a year, it is a big summer festival that uses kids' favorite games and events, using all the treasures, gardens and halls of Takarajima kindergarten. It is a special program that enjoys extraordinary Japanese-style daily life.
As well as for all children, parents and neighboring residents can participate freely. Children wear dressed clothes such as Yukata and Jinbei, and have fun all day with parents and friends.