About "Takarajima kindergarten"

We wish children to travel with lots of fun memories in their hearts. With such a wish,
Takarajima kindergarten was made.
For children's growth and development, the environment is very important.
The school building and garden of Takarajima kindergarten were designed to prepare
the best environment for children. There are three basic design concepts.

① Fantasy is the "seed" of mind
The desire to cherish the world of children's fantasy is put in the name
"Takarajima" (Treasure Island).
As this name suggests, the school building and the entire garden are,
It is the world of one "dream".
Circular gardens, classrooms lined up in stairs,
Hole of stairwell, double helix slope, secret passageway, attic ...
This is the country of adventure of children's admiration "Neverland".

② Disabled space
There is no barrier for disabled children and young children.
Outside the entrance, from the hall to each classroom are connected by slopes.
We have a rich space in the space so that our children can spend their free time.
This slope is a passageway and at the same time it is a "cool playground" for children.

③ Space to live with nature
Humans can not live apart from nature. Nature raise children's mind richly,
Foster intelligence and sensibility.
There are small hills, forests and fields in kindergartens to make children feel like
"live with nature" to make themselves a sensible child.

[Management organization: school corporation "Iruka-gakuen"]
Establishment: 1995 Yoshida Ikuo
Number of staff: 12 Number of students: 105 (as of 2017)
  • The history of Takarajima kindergarten

    1976: "Takarajima kindergarten" opened
    by Hikari Gakuen School corporation
    1995: School corporation "Iruka-gakuen" established
    1997: New school building completed
    1998: "Red playground equipment" completed
    (Isamu Noguchi work)
    2010: "Tom's hut" made of driftwood is completed
    2017: Special classroom "Frog House" completed

  • "Takarajima kindergarten" opened

  • New school building completed

  • "Red playground equipment" completed

  • "Tom's hut" made of driftwood is completed

  • Special classroom "Frog House" completed

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walk about 15 minutes from JR Negishi Line's Kōnandai-Station.
Turn left at Takashimaya corner in front of Konandai-station, go straight ahead and turn left at the 4th signal
(Daiichi-junior high school intersection).
Cross the Miyata Bridge (above JR), turn right at the second corner,
the entrance to the Kindergarten is about 30 meters ahead.

Walk about 6 minutes from "Konandai daiichi-junior high school mae" bus stop of Yokohama Municipal Bus.
Get off at JR Negishi Line's Konandai-Station or Yokodai-Station and get on the Yokohama municipal bus number 111
(about 15 minutes for both) , get off at "Konandai daiichi-junior high school mae" bus stop.
Turn left at the Daiichi-junior high school intersection, cross the Miyata Bridge (above JR), turn right at the second corner,
and the left side 30 meters further ahead is the entrance to the kindergarten.

The nearest highway inter is Yokohama-Yokosuka Road, exit of "Hino". Turn left at the Shimizu Bridge intersection on the
Kamakura Route towards Konan Tadai (south), at the second traffic light "Anyoiji-mae Intersection" (the corner of Ramen Terada-ya honten)
Beyond the second traffic light, turn left at the second corner (landmark: sign at the entrance to the Fukuoka-Clinic) and the entrance
to the kindergarten on the left is about 30 meters ahead. There is a parking lot (reservation required, telephone booking)

Takarajima Kindergarten
Takarajima Kindergarten 
konandai minami-ku Yokohama Kanagawa
234-0054 Japan