Educational policy / characteristics

Takarajima kindergarten has an original curriculum focusing on "play".
It is a kindergarten aiming to fully utilize the personality of each person and to fully develop their qualities.

"Treasure" of Takarajima kindergarten

In early childhood education, the important elements of personality formation are three different things:
"play", "encounter" with people, and "experiencing" together. Takarajima Kindergarten hides these three precious "treasures",
which will contribute to the building of the foundation for the happy life of children.

Children experience the basic concepts that form the basis of learning through play. Then, we will learn the joy of cooperating with people and making them, manners of collective living, rules of society. Play is an important learning opportunity for children and is the life itself of a child. Treasure Island Kindergarten is full of various mechanisms and ingenuity to maximize this "play".

The world is made up of people and people ties. "Encounter" with people is the first step towards connecting and is necessary for children to live a happy life. In different classes of age, children are free to interact with children of different ages in an open garden. In the activities outside kindergarten, encounters with adults and animals other than the kindergarten and the teacher will enhance the communication skills of the children and nurture the positive attitude in meeting places.

Experiences widen the vision of children and become the first step to the unknown world. A surprising fresh discovery, a memorable experience will continue to light up your children's lives brightly. Takarajima kindergarten has various original curriculums. Outside the kindergarten there are excursions to the sea and mountains by the outdoor activities eight times a year. Through tours of facilities such as museums, zoos, aquariums and museums, we provide children with opportunities for a variety of fun "experiences".

Open childcare

At Takarajima kindergarten, we regularly open gardens and garden buildings so that local children and parents
can interact and exchange information. Everyone can participate in public childcare held about 20 times a year.
You can experience the curriculum and philosophy of Takarajima kindergarten.

Latest information

I will introduce the latest state of Takarajima kindergarten.

walk about 15 minutes from JR Negishi Line's Kōnandai-Station.
Turn left at Takashimaya corner in front of Konandai-station, go straight ahead and turn left at the 4th signal
(Daiichi-junior high school intersection).
Cross the Miyata Bridge (above JR), turn right at the second corner,
the entrance to the Kindergarten is about 30 meters ahead.

Walk about 6 minutes from "Konandai daiichi-junior high school mae" bus stop of Yokohama Municipal Bus.
Get off at JR Negishi Line's Konandai-Station or Yokodai-Station and get on the Yokohama municipal bus number 111
(about 15 minutes for both) , get off at "Konandai daiichi-junior high school mae" bus stop.
Turn left at the Daiichi-junior high school intersection, cross the Miyata Bridge (above JR), turn right at the second corner,
and the left side 30 meters further ahead is the entrance to the kindergarten.

The nearest highway inter is Yokohama-Yokosuka Road, exit of "Hino". Turn left at the Shimizu Bridge intersection on the
Kamakura Route towards Konan Tadai (south), at the second traffic light "Anyoiji-mae Intersection" (the corner of Ramen Terada-ya honten)
Beyond the second traffic light, turn left at the second corner (landmark: sign at the entrance to the Fukuoka-Clinic) and the entrance
to the kindergarten on the left is about 30 meters ahead. There is a parking lot (reservation required, telephone booking)

Takarajima Kindergarten
Takarajima Kindergarten 
konandai minami-ku Yokohama Kanagawa
234-0054 Japan